Week 7 Journal: March 16-20

This week at my internship with Lynne, she asked me to come up with some questions that I wanted more time to explore. Since I was recently offered a job with office depot in their printing services, I wanted to ask her about printing. Not so much the logistics of printing per se, but rather the way to deal with customers who need items printed. I guess my concern was that I would not have a good understanding of their needs, although it was probably just my anxious feelings about starting a new job in a new environment. Lynne said that as long as I am polite to customers, always say “yes” and always make them feel comfortable, then I will have no problem with my orders. She said that I have to prepare for people who will be mean and yell, she says not to take it personally. That is probably the key thing I will have to keep in mind when pursuing my career. I think it is very important separating work from personal life. Even if I am invested in my work and passionate about it, there is no reason to allow someone else effect me in a negative way. It is important to look at things from and outside perspective. That is what I will try and do. After we had our discussion she showed me an promotion that someone tried to create within their company (in Brazil) to promote an Ipad Mini. You should have seen what it looked like before!! She told me to remake and and make it creative, so I spent most of my time doing that. See attached! In addition, one of her clients is going out of business and Lynne takes care of her Facebook Page. I was also asked to create a closing sale ad that reflected the theme of the company. The idea was also to produce these items quickly, within the time frame I was there. Thankfully both were approved and are being used! It was a busy day but I got a lot out of it.

Ipad Mini Promo DeVane closing Ad

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  1. More great experience. And congrats on the job offer from Office Depot! Will you be providing creative services for their customers? Or is it just a print services gig?

  2. I think they hired me because if I had to come up with something real quick I could, but it’s interesting that they offer creative services but then send them to another company to do. So I am mostly in-house in the print center. There’s a lot of tiny details to keep in mind. It is hectic to start but hopefully I become more comfortable.

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