Week 7 MOAS Internship

My schedule this week was a little different because Nicole had asked us to come for four days instead of the normal three. Monday and Friday we were there for the whole day, whereas on Tuesday and Thursday we were only there till noon. The reason for the change was because one of the summer camps had an “outreach”, where they basically go on field trips all week, which requires some of the staff to go on the outreach as well. Basically we had to fill in for all the missing staff this week. Overall, most of the days were like any other, but Tuesday was significantly rough just because we had huge groups to tour, but it was nothing we couldn’t handle.

Last week I mentioned that we started working on painting planets, and I was expecting to continue working on that project, but Nicole wanted us to stop so that we could work on a couple of props for next week’s Harry Potter camp. The teacher in charge of the camp had been out of town for nearly a whole month, so we had to help her out. The camp is supposed to start with a “sorting ceremony”, where the kids will be placed into one of the four Hogwarts houses, thus we needed to create the famous Sorting Hat.

First we cut the base out of cardboard, molded the hat’s skeleton with chicken wire, and later glued the wire to the base:

Then we made paper mache and covered the entirety of the wire and base:

Once the newspaper was dry, we spray-painted the whole hat brown and added finer details with acrylic paint. We also glued foam inside the hat so the wires couldn’t prick someone’s head.

This was easily one of the funnest projects to work on since I have enjoyed Harry Potter since I was a kid. Besides the hat, we also made a simple “brick wall” out of construction paper to recreate the train station entrance and cut out banners for all the Hogwarts houses.

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  1. Good thought about protecting the chicken wire. See some of my comments on Ariana’s post. Are you going to see the children interact with these?

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