Week 8 _ Getting used to the workflow

This week I worked only on Monday, and it was an easy work day. I helped my supervisor with answering emails and Instagram messages. The day started off by my supervisor, her client and me sitting at the computer and looking over the photo shoot pictures together. Supervisor had a view appointment, which means that a client comes over to look at the photos taken at the locations and picks her favorites for the comp cards, while we also can Photoshop them on the spot and edit them to the person’s liking. I got to sit and observe this process and learn a few things, for example, of how one should communicate with client and satisfy their needs, so that they will be happy with our services. I also learned from the past weeks on how to build a relationship with clients, so that they will refer us to their friends. My supervisor also asked the client if she wanted some pictures to be sent to her email, so that she can use them for herself in Instagram or etc. Usually, we give out a CD of photos to every client, but if the customer desires to have them emailed to her, we could do that as well.  After this appointment, I was sending out emails to our printer, so that he could print the comp cards or edit them if the client wanted extra editing on the cards or if there were any mistakes made on the name or etc. Believe it or not, that happens quite often; we send out information on the person with their height and size, etc.; and then when the printer sends us a copy of the e-card, we send it directly to the client for their approval, and sometimes it would have mistakes in the size or other information, and then we would have to contact the printer again and tell him to fix the issues; then we send the fixed card back to the client and wait for approval, before we could print them. There is a lot of back and forth communication happening in this business. I finished my day by sending out an email to a list of clients from the previous months; this email is what we call a “friendly” email, which means that its content is about getting back to the models, asking how they are doing, and say if we have any opportunities soon or any jobs coming up in the future.