Week 8 – MoArtDeLand

Monday, March 25th, concludes my eighth week working at MoArtDeLand. This week I was super busy finalizing all of my designs for fliers, posters, and shop cards for the Museum Guild and their Art in Motion event. I was at the printer every day and made numerous deliveries to get everything done on time. A major skill I learned from this process was learning ways to simplify my work. I always try to do more and add more or cover up more white space when I am turning in works for a grade, but I have learned I need to relax my mind when it comes to delivering work in a professional setting. Stylish work doesn’t have to be cluttered with wording or design. It can be simple with communication, design expectation, and knowing the audience my work will be presented to. I realized through this process that the delivery and communication setting in a classroom differs greatly from that of a real work environment.