Week 8 MOAS Internship

This week was rather slow as far as tours go because we only toured one group for the entire week, and they gave us no trouble. We had expected more groups, but the rest of them just never showed up. We opted to helping out with the 7-9 yr old camp. It was the Hogwarts camp, and last week we had created the sorting hat, and at the start of the week we tried to simulate the 9 & 3/4 station, by placing our paper brick wall on the entrance to the trains display in the Root Gallery.

Soon afterwards, we guided the kids inside the train, which was a special privilege for them since normally visitors aren’t allowed inside the trains. We had to supervise them just to make sure they didn’t damage anything, but overall it was a fun treat for everyone.

Note: All parents/guardians have consented for their children to be photographed.

Additionally, we also created stencils of a Hogwarts silhouette. The kids used these stencils for a negative space painting, and of course the kids got to keep their paintings. The end result would have looked something like this:

On the last day of camp, we had to help the “Quidditch” game by holding up hula hoops as the goal posts. Then after quidditch, the kids got to watch one of the Harry Potter movies, and we served them butter beer.

While the camp was going on, we also finally finished the planet’s that we have been working on. We sanded and painted the monstrous ball that is Jupiter, as well as these tiny balls that represent smaller planets, such as Earth and Venus.

One thought on “Week 8 MOAS Internship”

  1. I had forgotten about the train out there. Pretty cool to be able to go inside, since it is normally off limits. It’s pretty clever the way the Harry Potter theme plays off of items that are already part of the museum’s permanent collection.

    Jupiter looks amazing! I am sure the others do as well, but that one really jumps out of your photo above given its scale and detail. Glad you had a project to keep you busy during the downtime.

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