Week 8

Week 8 of my internship with Chesapeake Family was mostly just working on my digital Disney guide. I’ve made very good progress on it, and I’ve received good advice from my boss on how to improve it. On this post you will find two attached versions of my guide as PDF files to see how it’s grown overtime. I plan to add a cover page and an end page that will have illustrations, like artsy pictures of Disney icons that I’ll create in Adobe illustrator to work on my artistic skills. ┬áThe text, which used to be different sizes on each page, is now all the same for consistency. I am also going to add some more graphics on pages, such as some popcorn kernels on the snack page, as well as more photos. My boss wants me to take photos of Toy Story Land and other new additions to Walt Disney World when I visit the first week of August. So the finished product will not be available to view until after my trip (mid August), but you can view the progress I’ve made.

Unfortunately, I will not be working on the guide this week because part of my laptop has been damaged. It still works, but when I open it, the screen becomes more cracked and starts coming apart. This damage started sometime last month and has been getting worse. It may not have had as much protection as I thought it did when I carried it in my backpack, but I’ll be sure to fix that once I get my repaired laptop back, which should be next week. Until then, I will am doing photography and writing for Chesapeake Family.

disney bucket list draft 1

disney bucket list draft #2

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  1. Sorry to read about your laptop. Hope you can get that fixed soon!

    Thanks for sharing both versions of your Disney guide. It helps to get a sense of how this project evolved. It is also good to read your description of changes between versions. Be sure to do the same as you finish off the next version, and make sure you get the final version for your portfolio, too.

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