This week was not busy, since my supervisor had construction going on in the office to replace the window frames. Something new I had to do was that, since my supervisor was busy with clients, I had to pick up the phone and speak with customer and get their billing information. Which at first was nerve-wracking for me and I was hesitant to answer, because the construction noises were very loud, and I was afraid I wouldn’t hear the voice of the person, but when I picked up the call it was quite easy and I went to another location; I thought that I could do more with that and now can return voicemails and schedule appointments if needed. On Wednesday, mostly I tried to find emails that went to junk mail and see if any emails from the website would be legitimate and I found a few, which were sent months ago, so I had to write them back and ask for information so that we could set up an interview appointment. On Monday, I answered a couple of emails as per usual and emailed our printer about new e cards to be made. With appointments coming up, I was asked to find application forms and give them out to the new clients. Also this week, there was something new happening, when my supervisor went for the photo shoot on location, I was left alone with deleting some pictures from way before and finding photos clients have approved to go on the e card, but someone came without an appointment and asked for representation in this business. Then, I texted my supervisor and asked if she would see them that day, but she had other appointments and asked me to get their information. Later, we emailed her back to set up a meeting to talk about how this business works and what she needs to do to get started. Overall, this week was easygoing and not that demanding, and with construction going on, I didn’t get a chance to participate as much.