Week 9 Journal: April 6-9

During my internship this week, I began a project for a Salon in Ohio named Oscars. They are combining with another salon and decided they wanted to completely re-brand, but keep the name. Lynne suggested that I try drawing out a few concepts to further develop the idea and look they were going for. I am not used to drawing things out, but sometimes sketching allows you to release all of the crazy ideas, so you can begin working on the computer with a clearer concept. At first, they did not really have a clear theme, so until they came through with one, I tried to combine some text and font choices to give them some direction as to what they wanted to convey. Eventually, they decided that they wanted a mix between something rock and something glamorous, that emphasizes a feeling of “industrial modern.” It still sounds like I have a lot of room for creativity which can be really fun sometimes! They also said they are known for their circus style lettering sign. That immediately reminded me of Chicago the movie. I am excited to continue working on this project.  Some good news to add is that Lynne would like to have me continue to work with her on various projects throughout the summer. Cool!

One thought on “Week 9 Journal: April 6-9”

  1. Congrats on the offer to continue! I agree that drawing before going to the computer is a good idea. Sometimes analog methods are good way to quickly work through several ideas and make your time at the computer more productive. Be sure to scan your work for archiving after you are done.

    Re this salon: I am not sure how you reconcile all these references. They seem pretty disconnected to me!

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