Week 9 MOAS Internship

This week was the last week of summer camp at the museum, and things couldn’t have run more smoothly. It ended without a hitch, and now all that’s left to do is simply organize and clean up the museum.

We only had one group to tour this week, and generally they were well behaved. The only difficulty was touring the Prehistory gallery because there were other children visitors, who weren’t part of the group, and they were also obnoxiously loud. Normally other guests aren’t a problem, but because the kids were loud in the gallery that echoes, it was harder to present my information. Nevertheless, I had to be as loud as I could and give it my best.

Apart from that, we are still working on the prehistory coloring book, and we have all of our sketches done, now I just need to create line art over everything, and finally we will organize everything into InDesign.

Here are several samples of the illustrations:

Right now I’m finishing the line art of my last drawing of the ground sloth. Once we have the drawings complete, I’ll also add in the crossword puzzle and maze that Ariana created and include the correlating text. It will take less time for me to create the line art for her drawings since I don’t need to do any sketching on my part and I can simply jump right into digitalizing her drawings.

We plan on completing this project early next week because our supervisor also wants us to create fake money for the pizza place at the Children’s Museum. I will go over that project more next week.

One thought on “Week 9 MOAS Internship”

  1. Adapting your speech for a loud environment is a good skill to have. It can be frustrating to feel like you are talking over people, but it’s necessary at times.

    The line drawings are looking very good!

    I think I know the pizza display you are talking about in the children’s area. My daughters use to play with that. As a parent, I can tell you that it is very popular and your fake money will be put to good use!

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