Week 9

Since my laptop is being repaired, last week’s work mostly consisted of writing and photography. I went around Annapolis and took some pictures, and I wrote an article about the student page program that the Maryland General Assembly does every legislative season, since summer will be over soon and students going back to school will be looking for productive programs to do. It’s when high school seniors take two weeks off school to help delegates and senators at the State House.

My boss and I talked about whether my cover for the digital Disney guide should be an illustration or a photo, and she wants something that will grab the reader’s attention, so I’m leaning more towards using an artsy photo that will immediately share the magic of Disney with readers. I’ve been looking through my photos from past Disney trips and I think I found one, though I will take some on my upcoming Disney trip before deciding on a photo to use.

Even though my laptop is being repaired (it will return early next week), I did do a little bit of work on the digital Disney guide. I used another laptop from work on Thursday to download new fonts from free font websites to use for the guide’s title, which I want to look whimsical. My boss and I weren’t too impressed with the fonts already provided on Adobe, so we are trying some new ones.

This week I am on vacation in North Carolina with my family and I’ve been enjoying the relaxation, but I will be back to work next week. The first half of the week will be spent in Annapolis and the second half will be spent at Disney.

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  1. When you get down to three choices for your pic, make some notes about the pros and cons of each one before making your final decision. It is useful to capture your thought process and be able to articulate that to potential employers.

    Have fun at Disney!

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