Week of July 10th-July 16th MACZUL Internship(Instagram stories)

So far this week, I have worked on content for the museum’s Instagram page. These are images that are going to be posted as Instagram stories to promote the start of the art summer camp next week, the next exhibit—scheduled for the end of this month—and “La Fiesta del Arte”, which is a sort of art festival that usually follows exhibition openings. I have encountered a couple challenges when working on this assignment. First of all, it was difficult to find the dimensions that would show perfectly on all devices. Initially, I found the dimensions that worked for my phone. However, when my supervisor visualized it on her phone, which had a smaller screen, the image was cropped, so I had to redesign it to work around that. On the other hand, it is been interesting to keep in mind the format as I worked. I am used to thinking everyone is going to visualize my design on a platform as big as my computer screen, so I have made a conscious effort to imagine how my work would look on a cell phone or IPad screen.

Additionally, the museum’s style is very minimalistic, so I have made a mental note to not overdo it in this assignment (I am fascinated by intricate and elaborate designs, so I might unconsciously try to emulate them sometimes). Sticking to such style has challenged me to pay more attention to the layout and composition of my designs. Because I am limited to only a few graphic elements, I feel it becomes very obvious when there is a lack of harmony between them and where there is no balance in the composition.

Despite such challenges, I cannot wait to see my designs on the museum’s Instagram stories. I will be posting screenshots as soon as my excitement wears off!


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  1. Learning to design for a variety of device screens is a reality of today’s media. Glad you are getting some hands on experience in this area. Be sure to make some notes for yourself about dimensions that work and how you had to make modifications. Save them somewhere safe, since you are very likely to need them in the future.

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