Week of July 17th- July 24th MACZUL INTERNSHIP-Finishing the week

Another interesting lesson I have learned by interning at the museum has been the value of the limited amount of materials that are available. For instance, as I mentioned in my previous post, I have been working on the labels for one of the exhibits. However, when I was printing, I forgot to adjust the printer settings to the thickness of the paper I was using, so the first page of labels was smudged. Consequently, when I went to get another sheet of paper, I noticed I had used the last one. Due to the economic crisis in Venezuela, that paper has become very expensive and difficult to find, so I apologized profusely with my supervisor and she told me to print it on the other side of the sheet since the labels were going to be put up against the wall anyhow. She also reminded me to cut and keep the half of the sheet that was blank since there were only 4 labels(and they only took half of the sheet). She was very nice about my mistake, and I understand the museum is on a tight budget and that is why she always tries to recycle and reuse as much as she can.

I don’t think it matters whether one is working for a company with a tight or unlimited budget. It is always important to avoid wasting the materials that are available since this could benefit the company by avoiding unnecessary costs and it is a more environmentally- friendly approach.

On the other hand, on Friday I finished the week by organizing all the files I have worked on since I started, which led me to remember my Digital Video class from last semester. In the past, I have struggled when working with video since my audio files and my footage are always scattered in multiple flash drives and folders; so, last semester, as I worked on three different video projects, I learned to organize my files correctly, which of course,  saved me a lot of time. Thus, my goal on Friday was to properly name all the files and classify them by date and project, so that my supervisor can easily access them in the future.

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  1. You are right. Waste in any context is something to avoid. It struck me as I read this that both of your points are about waste. In the case of paper, it is wasted material. In the case of file organization, it is wasted time.

    And contrary to what many believe, it’s not just about conservation for the sake of saving. Avoiding waste in one context can help you put more resources into another context that is more important. It’s more about the best allocation of resources, whether it’s paper, time, or anything else.

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