Week of July 17th- July 24th MACZUL Internships

These past 3 days at the museum I have worked on a few different projects, such as creating labels for an upcoming exhibit, trying to finish the newsletter, taking and editing more photos of the current exhibits, and finishing the image to promote the tours at the museum. Also, one of the images I created for the Instagram story was posted earlier this week! The museum also shared my photos from the press conference with a local newspaper and they used it in the article about the burglary. Check them out below!
On the other hand, attempting to finish the newsletter has been time-consuming but fun. After the layout, the images, the fonts, and the buttons were beautifully displaying in the emails I sent in Gmail, I noticed the same did not happen in Outlook. So, I have been redoing a couple sections in which I used div tags—I thought I could get away with using a couple but now I understand why tables are the best for emails—I have also been checking my links, and the image blocking options in Outlook to ensure the images are displayed properly. Additionally, I have been consulting with my supervisor to make sure I am including all the external links. Lastly, I have typed detailed instructions about how to upload images to the free hosting service, so my supervisor can easily do it after I leave, and I am planning on also typing instructions on how to change the links for the buttons.
By this point, I am very familiar with the graphic elements and the visual identity of the museum, which has been helpful when creating the images to promote the tours and with the newsletter. I think I will mostly be finishing the newsletter, taking photos of the art workshops for children, working on content for social media and organizing all my files before finishing on July 31st.

Instagram story post
Screenshot of the article in the local newspaper’s website

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  1. Good photos and screenshots for your documentation. They make it very easy to understand the context of this content. This will be important for your portfolio.

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