Week of July 24th-July 29th Last week MACZUL INTERNSHIP

Although there was a lot of work at the museum this past week, I was mostly working from home due to the general strikes in Venezuela. I worked on editing some of the photos I took of the current exhibits so that they could be published on the museum’s website. My supervisor posted them immediately,
so check them out below!. On the other hand, the summer camps got reschedule, so I updated the information on the Instagram stories. Additionally, I focused on finishing the newsletter, and I am happy to say I am finally done. However, it was quite challenging to do so. After I was finished testing the images, the layout, and the links, I noticed the image in the header was a little pixelated, so I did some research since I originally thought JPEG was the best format for web, but I ended up reading somewhere that when it comes to images that include text—such as that image for the header—it is actually better to have the images as PNGs. Therefore, I exported the image in that format, and indeed, the image looked sharper. When I showed it to my supervisor, she asked if I could add a couple more link so that users could click on the names of each exhibition room and a new window or tab would open with the web page of the exhibit that was currently displaying in that room. Thus, I completed this modification before finally turning in the newsletter. I also worked on a couple ID badges for people who just started to work at the museum. I did this on InDesign and it was fairly easy since there was a template for it, so my work consisted of mostly editing and resizing the images.
On my last day at the museum, I sat with my supervisor to discuss my performance. I got a lot of positive feedback from my supervisor and I asked for suggestions to improve, so she told me I could get better at anticipating what needs to be done in the workplace, and I definitely agree since that could increase productivity. However, she confessed that was a skill that was developed through experience and over time.
This internship challenged me in multiple ways. I had to adapt to the not-so-conventional working conditions while expanding my knowledge of HTML and getting reacquainted with Photoshop and InDesign. Nonetheless, I truly enjoyed working on the projects that were assigned to me and everyone at the museum made me feel like part of the team, so I am really happy I got to intern there and I look forward to similar experiences in the future.

Photography and editing for the museum´s homepage

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  1. Glad your internship ended with such a positive evaluation from your supervisor. Please make sure to request a confidential letter too for your final portfolio. Your supervisor can either email it to me, or you could bring it back in a sealed envelope. Whichever is easier!

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