Week of July 3rd -July 9th MACZUL Internship

My work at the museum this week focused on designing content for the Instagram page. I did several sketches since it is an image they plan to use in their Instagram story every time there is a new exhibit.

From the 5 sketches, I selected 3 and I digitized them. I will work on improving some details before I present it to my supervisor on Tuesday. As I was sketching and digitizing this week, I often asked for feedback from my supervisor. Although she liked what I was proposing, she told me it still did not fit with the museum’s style, which led me to go back to my sketchbook and do more research on their social media publications. Through this project, I have learned the importance of always doing enough research to deliver a product that reflects the brand and style of your client’s business.
On Saturday, there were different activities in the museum such as yoga classes and art workshops for children so I worked as a photographer and I edited the photos afterward. On the other hand, after two weeks of neglect due to the exhibits and all the work they entailed, this week I finally started working on the newsletter again. I finished resizing and uploading images to the online hosting service; I troubleshoot the whole newsletter since some of the tables had been giving me problems, and I added all the inline styles because it is not practical to use CSS stylesheets. I still need to add a few more tables and text,  proofread everything,  and add buttons before presenting it to my supervisor.  Check out a video of the work in progress below.

So far, one of my favorite aspects of my internship has been working in different projects that relate to the courses I have taken this last academic year such as Graphic Design, Intro to Computing and Web Design.


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  1. The layout looks good, but I am not sure the video is the best way to document. I would recommend sticking with a screen shot. Since it is an email newsletter, you could also take the screen shot inside an email client. The extra context of the window helps convey where it is typically read.

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