Week of June 26-July 2nd MACZUL internship

Since last week I took photos of the exhibits, I spent most of my Monday doing some editing and retouching work as well as sharing the images, which I included below. Like I mentioned in my previous post, last week I collaborated to create the certificates for the winners of the art contest for high school students, so this week I was given the task of working on the online certificates for all the participants, so I continued to work in InDesign on Tuesday and Wednesday to complete this assignment. This week was also particularly exciting because I was asked to work on images for the social media pages of the museum. Although the task was intimidating at first because I had never worked in content for a social media platform specifically, I had the chance to research the formats and resolutions that are generally used. Because I want to stick to the visual identity of the museum, I also went through the museum’s Facebook and Instagram pages to get a better understanding of their aesthetic.

Last semester, in Advanced Digital Arts studio, I learned to collaborate with people from different disciplines to complete a project; this week I was challenged to work similarly since in order to successfully create one of the images for social media, I had to verify the information with the people working in the education department (the post was for them) while I was regularly checking the design with my supervisor in the graphic design department  and communicating with the community manager to effectively deliver the final product.

This upcoming week, I am excited to keep working on the other image for social media and go back to work on the newsletter.

Art installation
Video Installation
This image was taken after the speeches on the day of the exhibition
The certificates I helped to design and print for the winners
Photo from the day of the exhibition 

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  1. Glad to read that you see the connection between our multi-discipline groups from DIGA 398 and what you experience in the workplace. The idea was to give you practice so that you are prepared for it in the real world. The more you do it though, they easier it is to navigate these situations.

    The pictures look great and help give some context for your work. Add more when you can!

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