Weekly Journal 1

The first week of my internship with the Alliance for Historic Hillsborough was a full and exciting one. I arrived on my first day, a Sunday, to learn more about the Alliance and what I would be doing for the summer. Immediately, I was thrust into a learning experience as visitors to Hillsborough started flooding through the front door of the Alexander Dickson house (The historic building that houses the Visitors Center). For the remainder of my time at the Visitors Center that day I was learning on the job as people asked questions about Historic Hillsborough or the area in general. In between visits, I learned that my main focus for the summer would be to assist with the welcoming of visitors to Hillsborough, the organization/promotion of the July 4th Picnic, creating itineraries and self guided tours for those who might visit Hillsborough, and any other projects that will present themselves. I was also given a working history of the Alliance and how the visitors center fits in with its responsibilities. Having lived in Hillsborough for the past 9 years and being involved with events in Historic Hillsborough during that time, I am lucky enough to already have a good knowledge base of what Hillsborough has to offer. I am confident that I can put that information onto paper or into words for those that are seeking it. For the remainder of the week, I focused on writing the itineraries so that they can be posted on the website and available as soon as possible to those that need them. I made good progress and I am happy with the way they are turning out. This coming week I will continue working on them when I can, but I will be traveling with my family in the midwest and I will return to Hillsborough on June 18th.

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  1. Good first post, Paxton. It’s really great to capture these initial thoughts as the internship begins. Glad you found this opportunity in Hillsborough. Can you please provide a link to their website next time so I can learn a bit more?

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