Weekly Reflection 10

Week ten 03/21 through 03/27

This week was pretty successful in getting stuff to printing for upcoming events that Marta will be attending in order to advertise East Coast Aircraft. First off I was able to create a business card for her husband which was pretty easily since all I had to do was replace her name with his and she tells me that these will hopefully be printed in the next couple weeks. During the week there was a set back due to the fact that I had to go in and resize of the posters that I have been creating because unfortunately I was making them 2×3 inches instead of 2x3ft which obviously is a huge difference. I so far have gotten caught up for the most part with resizing all of the posters for the Jet category. Also marta asked me to stop into the Stetson print shop to get an estimate on how much it would cost to print the posters that I am developing. I also was able to complete another Eblast advertisement, which will make 3 of 10. Last I developed signs for Marta to put up in front of the planes that they either refurbished or painted or both at an event that she will be attending called “Fun and Sun. Next week should be an even better experience at East Coast Aircraft and I can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish for them.

Paulus Business Car

3rd Eblast Ad

Fun and Sun Sign Fun and Sun Sign Fun and Sun Sign Fun and Sun Sign Fun and Sun Sign Fun and Sun Sign