Weekly Reflection 11

Week Eleven 03/27 through 04/04


This week at East Coast Aircraft went well and was successful in many ways. First off after this weeks update I was able to finally see one of my designs in an advertising magazine for local businesses. Also Marta told me that the Business Cards have been printed and they look excellent. For the design work that I completed this week I took the signs for the Fun and Sun event and enlarged them. After doing this there was a big Set back because it pixilated the logo so I had to spend quite amount of time recreating the logo so that it would not be pixilated once blown up to the 20x16in dimensions. Another thing that I achieved was fixing the Eblast advertisements 2 and 3. Also I was able to create a new advertisement for this week. After the update on Thursday Marta had asked me to redo the advertisements that have the black logo with gold trim and make it a plain yellow logo because she feels like it will stand out more. So after a long week of making advertisements I will be going back to improve them once more. Hopefully this week I will be able to give her a final copy of these advertisements that are up to her standards.


02_eblast_version2 03_eblast_version2 04_eblast20x16_interior_black_trim 20x16_interior_combined_trim 20x16_interior_gold_trim 20x16_paint_black_trim 20x16_paint_combined_trim 20x16_paint_gold_trim 20x16_Paint_interior_black_trim 20x16_paint_interior_combined_trim 20x16_paint_interior_gold_trim