Weekly Reflection 12

Week twelve 04/05 through 04/10


This week at East Coast Aircraft was pretty eventful because I was able to finalize some designs for Marta that were up to her standards. First off I redesigned some of the eblast designs because she wanted some of the layouts and colors changed and now that I have done that she is happy with most of them. I also went back and fixed some of the Sun and Fun posters for her so that she could use those for the event. I have also completed some more posters for her that includes most of the single piston planes. I still have to find a new background and a way to get the pictures to stand out a little more. Another thing that I was able to do is update all of the jet posters so that they are all the correct size, which unfortunately a lot of the pictures that are used aren’t large enough, so I have discussed that with her and she says that she might just not use those planes. The last thing that I accomplished this week was the 5th advertisement for Eblast, which I still need to show to Marta for approval. Hopefully everything will be approved this week and I can focus more on different designs and the Book that she wants created.