Weekly Reflection 14

Week fourteen 04/18 through 04/24


This week started with me finishing up the posters that I have been creating, but then I was asked to make them smaller changing the dimensions from 2ft by 3ft to 18in by 24in. Once I was asked to do this I sat down with Marta to go through the photos of the planes, so that she could just pick the planes that she wanted made into posters. Now that she has picked these it made making the posters a lot quicker and now that they are finished I can show them to Marta, hopefully get them approved and start creating the book that she wants so showcase her work. The website has been apparent again in this week for little changes through out.  Which consisted of moving some pictures that were again in the wrong place, repositioning a paragraph on the interior page. I also put more transportation and lodging information on the contact page, in order to make it easier for customers to find a way to their facility or a close place to stay. The last thing that I updated on the website was a promo tab for future promotions, which Sonya a new employee will be creating a design for my to put on this tab, I believe, every month. With next week being the last week I have a couple things that I hope to finish. One being the book of examples and two, a way to showcase different interior and exterior samples that Marta would like made to make it easier to showcase different combinations.


Note: The posters are too large to upload onto this forum.

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