Weekly Reflection 15

Week Fifteen 04/25 through 05/05


After going to East Coast Aircraft on Thursday to discuss posters for Marta’s office and the facility we decided that these posters and the book pages will be different. This then led us into the conversation about what she wanted the posters for the office to look like, which she decided to go with 2 posters to display one paint and one interior picture to showcase next to an interior material swatch or exterior paint swatch. Another 3 posters will consist of collages of planes, one of small planes and one of large as well as a poster with interior photos that they painted/refurbished. After saying this these were brand new poster designs than what I have been working on in the previous weeks, which is a little disappointing. Fortunately for some of the poster designs that I created could be incorporated into the book that she had me create this week. I used a company called Artisan State, which is a company online at www.artisanstate.com. I was hoping to have the book created last week, week fourteen, but due to a couple set backs from the different poster designs I had to complete it this week. Unfortunately though due to a lack of professional pictures Marta decided later in the week that we would give up on the book until a later date after spending some time on creating the pages.  Also due to these set backs I had to tell them that I couldn’t make the way to showcase different interior and exterior samples easily, but instead we are trying to do that with the different posters. This was actually my last week with East Coast Aircraft and I have to say that I have achieved a lot and very happy to have completed this wonderful opportunity. I am finishing up some of the posters for them and will be able to present them to Marta on Monday in order to be sent to printing.


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