Weekly Reflection 2

Week Two- 1/24 through 01/31/14

For the second week of my internship it was a little easier to keep on track, since I have gotten back in to the swing of things with deadlines and class work. For this week I got a lot done for their website and some more logo and brochure design. I added keywords to their website to help with marketing, so that their website might appear higher on Google and other search engines dealing with aircraft painting. I also created a couple more gallery pages for them including gallery 3, 4 and 5 which included edited thumbnails and enlargement photos so you could see the photos larger when clicked on, on the page. Another thing that I added to their website was their toll free number on their contact page. The last thing that I accomplished for this week was I redesigned their brochure with different photos to show off the company’s skills, and deleted photos so that the brochure would look less cluttered. This was an achievement from last week as well but once I showed them the updated one they wanted me to go back and do more to it since they liked what they saw, but wanted me to take it a step further.

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    1. Hey Nathan,

      We are trying to fix that problem now. I do not have the server information to upload the webpages to the internet, but Jewel is getting me that information soon.

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