Weekly Reflection 3

Week Three – 01/31/14 through 02/06

For the third week of my internship it was hectic, but rewarding. I was able to get a lot accomplished for them, but unfortunately they still want me to change a lot before there will be a finished product. What I have spent most of the week working on is a design for their flyer, which is post card sized and a design for their business card. After I got some models for them to look at they have decided to try a different background and also a different layout/texture, but are enjoying my work for them so far. I spent the rest of the week working on updating their website. I mainly focused on rearranging photos in their gallery since they wanted it to be a little more uniform. I also was able, with the help of Jewel, to add captions to each of the photos so that the viewer can see what kind of plane is in the enlarged photo.  I also replaced their old logo on their website with the new one that I created. Even though there isn’t much change there is enough to notice a difference in my opinion. I also created dropdown menus from the main heading of Gallery in their nav bar so that the viewer can easily go to each page. In addition I added a dropdown from home that says promotions, which I will add a page where they can put different promotions during the month. The most accomplishing thing out of this week was that I got the information needed to make their website live and active, so that I can now update their website and the changes can be viewed by everyone viewing their site.  This upcoming week will be just as exciting as the rest and hopefully I can accomplish a lot more for East Coast Aircraft.

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  1. Zach:
    I would recommend for your portfolio that you document the website before and after (if this is still possible). A simple strategy for this is to print to PDF or use screen shots. PDF is good for longer pages. Screenshots are good because you can capture the application window to convey the feeling that it is in a browser.

    If you don’t know Grab on your Mac, here’s some info: http://www.wikihow.com/Take-Screen-Shot-or-Print-Screen-on-a-Mac-Using-Grab


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