Weekly Reflection 5

Week Five 02/14 through 02/20


This week was some what successful. East Coast Aircraft has asked me to rework their gallery just like I have been doing in previous weeks, but this time they have decided on something that they like, so now I can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for the gallery. I have already made a separate template for the gallery pages since they have their own nav bar, which overall will make it easier for me if I need to change something and would like it to change for all of the corresponding gallery pages. They have asked me to move away from the flyer for now since they are not going to Sun and Fun this year, so instead they want me to heavily focus on getting the website 100% complete. In order to do this I must complete all of the gallery pages, add a promotions page, and a testimonial page. Another thing that they asked me to do is create posters for the different aircrafts that they have painted/refurbished, so that they can display them in their office/around their business to show the client that come. I have gotten a few of those done, but due to the gallery confusions I did not have a lot of time to work on them. The goal for the up coming week is to finish the gallery and getting the website up and running again with the new changes that I have made. Also getting them some designs for advertisements that they would like to give to magazine companies.

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