Weekly Reflection 6

Week six 02/21 through 02/27

The internship took up a lot of my time this week and I went well over the 12 hours that is required for me to spend. But I felt that it was better that I didn’t allow the time constraint decide whether or not I was done for the week because by going over I got mostly everything they wanted me to get done completed. The things that I completed consisted of getting the gallery done, I imagine in the weeks to come they will ask me to upload more photos to the gallery, but for now it is done and they are happy with how it looks. They asked me to add the photos, but also they asked me to make sure that all of the pages within the gallery had the title of the aircraft as well as the job that was done, whether it was a paint or interior job or both. Another thing they asked me to do was create a page that had a list of testimonials on it in order for other customers to see how happy other people are with East Coast Aircraft’s service. The last thing that I completed this week was a advertisement design that they could send to various different magazines, so for that I went in to East Coast Aircraft and discussed what they would like the design to look like and their overall design. From there I took their ideas and design and made them a mock-up in Photoshop. Overall they are happy with it, they would just like to add one other picture that they will be sending me within the week.


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