Weekly Reflection 7

Week seven 02/28 through 03/06


Week seven of my internship was a lot like the rest, a bunch of photo editing, resizing and uploading. Luckily I was able to finish the advertisement for them to be put into a magazine that will be advertised for about a month. Also I was able to almost finalize the post card sized flyers that Marta wanted to send out to her customers for more advertising. Another item that I was able to start on were templates for posters that Marta is hoping to make for around the office and the workplace to show off her work in an easy and professional manner. I was suppose to get a design drawn up for the promotions tab because she wants it to be a picture that the customer can possibly print out and bring in to the shop or just view from their website. Due to it being spring break however and me spending some time at home I was not able to complete this for her. Fortunately I am meeting one of the other designers that they have, so that we can brain storm on some of these tasks to make it easier for all of us with communication. I hope by meeting the other designer that not only will it help all of us to communicate our ideas better, but also for her to give me some ideas in order for me to complete the promotions page and other advertisements that Marta needs for the upcoming magazine entries.


Unfortunately the posters exceed the file size that is required to upload.