Weekly Reflection 8

Week eight 03/07 through 03/13

This week for my internship was great. Unfortunately Jewel has moved on to Grad school, so I lost my main contact for the internship, which I was a little worried about because she is the one that gives me all of the work to do and kept me busy for the week. This turned out not to be a problem because Marta the president was just as attentive to keeping me busy for the entire week. I’ve moved away from the Website now since I’ve almost done everything they’ve asked from me to update. So for this week I was assigned a bunch of photoshop based designed, which is great because it expands my skills from not only web design but to photoshop now as well. This week I started off by finished up the business cards which she still wanted me change slightly even though she was happy with it the week prior. Also I finished the postcard flyers because again she wanted me to change them slightly so that she could fit the stamp and the to: address. I also took it a step further and designed both of these in a web application called Layar, which enables augmented reality, which I hope to show her in this next week. Another task I completed was an advertisement for an upcoming newspaper ad. In addition I also started to work on a design for posters that she hopes to give out to past customers and to hang in her office for display.


I would upload some examples but for some reason it keeps showing an error. I will try later on.

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  1. Sorry to hear that Jewel moved on, but glad there was continuity there. Does this mean they have an opening? You might inquire. If not for yourself, there might be a good opportunity for another grad.

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