Weekly Reflection 9

Week nine 03/14 through 03/20


This week everything has been pretty slow due to the lack of website improvements. For the website the only that I was asked to do was to add an icon for Linked in and add a few more photos to carousel on the home page of eastcoastaircraft.com. For now since the website is basically complete I have been focusing on creating advertisements for Marta and her company East Coast Aircraft. After my update with her she only asked me to change a couple things on the advertisements in order for them to be complete. So this next week I will try to finish those in order to get them into the newspapers/magazines. Also she asked me to revisit the business cards one last time to improve them slightly before printing. What she asked me to do was remove the title under her name and to make them all glossy instead of the leather texture that we were thinking about doing. Another thing that I completed were mock-ups for posters that will be made for customers/office display. After I am done with all of the posters she wants me to get them printed and then also using them in order to make a book of their work. Hopefully these up coming weeks pay off and I can finish a lot of advertisements for her and start on the book that she wants me to make.



no title under name
no title under name


I don't like the middle sections color on this ad and hope to improve it somehow
I don’t like the middle sections color on this ad and hope to improve it somehow