Weekly Reports

After being project manager of the last two projects, my supervisor assigned me to send her weekly reports about the number of users getting bucketed in re-marketing audiences and another report about cross device stitching. The two reports are to keep her updated on user data for future campaigns.

The cross device stitching campaign is in its early days. So for now,  we are just capturing data and analyzing trends to see how many users use certain amount of devices. The set up works like the following: first, we check how many users only use one device, then how many use two devices, and how many user 3+ devices. After knowing which users are most likely to use 2 to more devices, we analyze their behavior. We had to understand which devices they used for certain actions in the website. For example, we found out that most people use the mobile website to search for cruises, and book it in the desktop environment. After another month of capturing more data, we will be able to start implementing this campaign in the website and start unifying the website’s experience across devices.

The destination audience tracking report is a bit different but has the same end result. This report is to analyze which destinations are more popular for certain types of the year and how many users are eligible for destination re-marketing. This is basically to understand seasonal trends and users that are most likely to book when searching for a certain destination. This way we can re target a more select group of users more efficiently.

To set up this data, we use tags in the website and capture them in a “Real Time Action Engine” called audience stream. This tool catches the data and shows us graphs that are easy to analyze and understand.

These weekly reports have to be as concise and clear as possible since they are sent directly to my supervisor. I learned how to information effectively after a lot of feedback from my supervisor. In the following weeks, I started doing two more projects which I will explain in the next post.

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  1. Learning to write concise reports is something that certainly takes practice. Did any of the writing your professors made you do help prepare you for this? If not, is there a way you would suggest tweaking our assignments?

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