What is CEO

CEO normally stands for “Chief Executive Officer,” but at Stetson it also stands for the department of Continuing Education and Outreach. During the school year we handle Test Prep, Educational Travel, Continuing Education, and more. For the summer, we work with the various camps and conferences that are held at Stetson or by Stetson.

The department hires Conference Assistants (CAs) to act as RAs for the summer. These CAs handle check-in/check-out, lockouts, missing keys, supervising meals, etc. As the Marketing and Media Intern, I am in charge of taking pictures and promoting our summer camps.

One of the first camps we had was the Stetson L.E.A.D. camp. The CAs hosted nightly activities for the campers to play.

On the last day of camp the campers went to the Florida Youth Ranch and were tasked with completing various obstacle courses.

These courses and activities allowed the campers to learn applicable life and leadership skills.

Throughout the summer we’ve also been hosting camps by STEAM Society. It’s a day camp so these campers don’t stay on campus, but during the day they work with either Minecraft, Robotics, or Videography.

The Minecraft camp teaches about coding and being able to make your own mods to customize the game.

Robotics involves making robots and how to get them to do specific tasks and navigate obstacles.

In the Videography camp, the campers are making videos about whatever they want to.

They’re learning about lighting, audio, angles, editing, etc.

We don’t do much with the other camps (i.e. music camps) while they’re on campus except for look after them and just make sure they can get into their rooms. As a whole though, the department handles room rentals and renting out spaces for the camps.

I’m not a CA, but if anybody needs a job for next summer it’s a fun time. They pay for you to stay on campus as well as most of your meals, and it’s overall a really great time.

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  1. Thanks for this clarification about CEO! It certainly helps me understand your other posts better.

    I noticed your pictures of kids. Do you know if CEO makes the campers sign a photo release? If not, you may want to suggest it to your superior. The topic came up in this post by Thanya.

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