What is ITProTV?

ITProTV Missoin Statement     In my last two posts I have been talking about how great interning at ITProTV is and how proud of them I am from all I have learned since working there. I am sure though, whoever has read the previous posts have been wondering what is ITProTV and what do they do? To start, ITProTV is based in Gainesville, Florida and was officially founded in 2013 by Tim Broom and Don Pezet with a team of highly skilled IT folks. When the two friends recognized there was a need for the creation of engaging content that could effectively provide the knowledge transfer that certification seekers in the information technology world need to be successful they got to work. Together they wrote up a mission statement for their company in its early stages which states that they want to “disrupt the technology learning marketplace with engaging effective content resulting in attracting 25,000 active members by the end of 2018”. I have seen this mission in action as I have been working with them. Every morning the entire team circles up to discuss what they have accomplished, and what they are excited about for the day. As I have participated in this morning ritual and listened to everyone’s daily goals and accomplishments, I have heard how well the company is doing. By the time 2018 comes around I believe they will be well over 25,000 satisfied and active members. For instance, the largest IT educating company in the US has recently asked to have ITProTV to join them on their own mission. What an honor to be recognized by the top people in the industry. This number one IT educating company even admitted that they wanted ITProTV on board with them because ITProTV releases educating and entertaining content everyday unlike them. I am not sure what the founders of ITProTV will decide with that offer but they sure were flattered. Along with the mission statement, Tim and Don wrote out a purpose and core values for the company to have. The purpose being similar to the mission states that they will “empower [their] members through engaging learning of technology”. As a switcher, I have control over all audio, video, and lighting when recording live shows and as I watch these gentlemen that host these shows everyday I find myself learning a lot. I never would have thought an IT show could be capable of being any kind of interesting I have been proven wrong and of course, they are quite serious about what they are teaching but if you ever watch them work you will most likely find yourself laughing during a show titled Cisco CCENT: CCNA Switching & Routing. ITProTV truly does empower people through engaging learning videos on technology. The core values of ITProTV include them existing for their members, working with honor, exuding passion with personality, creating effective content daily, producing excellence through innovation & imagination and finally, willingly facing challenges with optimism. When faced with the drawback of a recording having failed, the co-founder and host, Don, just smiled and said “you know here at ITPro one of our values is to face challenges with optimism and I’m going to do just that. And hey, how often do we get to rehearse a show, now we can make this video even better!” It is a great pleasure to work with those who have such positive values and stick to them through and through. All around the office you can find this Mission, Purpose, and Values poster (attached above) posted on the walls. It is a great reminder to be a better worker everyday and some of the values they cherish are great reminders for life outside of work as well.  I hope now that you understand what ITProTV is and that it is as interesting to you as as it is to me!

If ever interested in seeing a video for yourself, watching live, or reading the about page for ITProTV, their website is https://itpro.tv/

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  1. Thanks for this overview. It was very helpful. So is their target audience IT professionals then? Have they talked to you about a customer profile?

    1. Yes, their target audience is IT professionals but their content can also be helpful to beginners, and intermediate IT folks. I asked about customer profiles after I saw your comment and they gave me the email of the woman who handles talking to customers, vivian@itpro.tv. They have videos that could be helpful to students at Stetson actually, for instance we are starting a series on Adobe Premiere CC which I am excited about!

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