“Where We Stand Project”

I’ve come to find that a lot of my days with The Office of University Marketing involve researching and assisting with various projects.

Janie Graziani is the Assistant Vice President of Marketing/Media Relations. The day I went to work with her she sent me an email that morning about a project I could help her with.

Dr. Libby’s office had received a call about possibly participating in the “Where We Stand Project” with the Committee for Citizen Awareness. Neither of us had ever heard about this project or committee, so as soon as I got there she gave me the lowdown and I got to researching.

It turns out, the Committee for Citizen Awareness produces educational videos about the government and distributes them to public schools free of charge. The “Where We Stand Project” specifically talks about the health in our nation. According to research done by the National Institutes of Health, it seems that people who go to college and receive higher education tend to have better health than those that don’t.

The reason they reached out to Dr. Libby is because they want her to talk about Stetson and help promote this idea of going to college. One of the concerns Janie had was how much it would cost the school, because normally things like this cost upwards of $10,000. However, this project would only cost a total of $7,000 over the span of two years ($3,500 per year), and we would have full copyright to our portion of the project. A lot of times you don’t get the rights to your footage, so this information was a pleasant surprise.

I never knew that people called and asked President Libby to be a part of projects like this, so helping research and gather information was fun. I feel like a lot with Digital Arts, it’s important to research any project you are a part of to make sure that you want your name associated with it. Yes a job is a job, but you could also be putting your reputation on the line.

Going forward I’ll remember to know fully what I am a part of and make sure that I’m not compromising my own beliefs and values just for a check.

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  1. Good reflection about the need to consider what you put your name on. At the end of the day, you have to maintain your reputation.

    I found a few different Where We Stand projects. Based on your description, it seems you are talking about this one. You should get in the habit of adding a few links to your posts while blogging. It can help connect your writing to other resources, which helps improve the rankings in search engines.

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