Work Environment at ITProTV

Reading previous posts of mine about interning at ITProTV you would know that it is always a fun place to be. That is why I wanted to take the time to write an entire post about the work environment.

Hosts areaThe physical aspect of the work environment is simple. It is a quant couple of offices in the back of a warehouse where everyone works together. Pictured to the right and above is an example of how close everyone works together in the main office. In the picture there are cubicles for each host and the desk at the end is for someone in marketing. A prime example of how close-knit the company is with it’s small building. I think the most important part of a workplace environment though is how positive the ambience is and ITProTV has positive ambience galore. The founders are always caring, understanding and patient when 13621622_1268702723140604_1453298921_osomething does not go exactly as planned. My supervisor always makes me feel comfortable when learning something new and is always willing to help me out if I need it or if I am confused. As for everyone else I get to interact with, we all can have a fun time whilst making a video on something like “Computing Fundamentals”. Overall, ITProTV has a work environment everyone dreams of, a fun, dynamic, friendly and patient one!