Working with Cory Lancaster

I’ve never really been someone who is good at writing. I stumble over my words, I can never get my point across, and I more often than not, lose track of my story. This summer, I had the opportunity to work with Cory Lancaster for a day and ask her some questions about stories and other aspects of journalism.

Cory Lancaster is the woman behind Stetson Today. She doesn’t write all of the stories herself, but she does have a say in the who/what/when/where for each post.

On my day with Cory, she had me look through the home page and see what stood out to me. I gave her some input as to what stories I would most likely click, as well as suggestions for changing titles/descriptions. I didn’t think she would actually go and change any of the titles or descriptions, BUT SHE DID! It was the coolest feeling in the world to think that my input was not only valid, but also useful!

Later I was able to assist Cory in fabricating an e-mail message into a story about the speaker for Values Day.  We took the text from the e-mail, rearranged it to sound more like an article, added some hyperlinks and photos, named it, then posted it. The entire time I felt like I was a part of something so important. It wasn’t just a school project, THIS WAS THE REAL WORLD!

I learned from Cory that when writing a story it’s important to keep things in chronological order and have a clear idea of what you are trying to say. It’s not hard to write a story, because most of the time the story writes itself. You just might need to add a few transition sentences.

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  1. Sounds like you got some good advice and the opportunity to see your work have an impact. It certainly feels good! Glad there has been such strong mentoring for you this summer.

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