Wrapping it Up

This is my last week interning with SHE Changes Everything. Despite it being the end, I’m still keeping busy with designing graphics for them. I finally gained access to all of the folders needed to make more quotes for them so I’ve included an example of a few of those. Additionally, we’ve begun to focus more on poster options for SHE Day which is coming up soon. Everyone on the team has helped contribute to the idea for these, I’m just the one putting it all together in hopes of finding one that’s just right. I’ve also attached a few of the options we’re trying to decide between for these posters.

Although at times this internship has been a bit frustrating because I didn’t have access to the right folders, or I wasn’t hearing back from anyone, or because they’d assign a huge project and then want it by the next day, I can honestly say that I have gained so much from this experience. Without access to the folders, I learned to adapt. With a lack of communication, I learned how to better mine. With a huge project and a short deadline, I learned how to schedule my time properly and work under pressure. Overall, I learned more from this internship than I ever expected to, and I have the opportunity to attend one of their SHE Day events this summer, so I’m sure I will learn even more while I’m there.