Your Work and Your Passion

I’ve never blogged before, but sometimes I feel like that’s just what I’m doing through this internship. My personal, introspective posts written for the internship page are of course more blog-like than the informational or publicity pieces I put up on the department website. Either way, the writing has done me some good.

I’ve heard it said before that making your passion into a career is not the most sage advice. You may cease to enjoy the passion if you make it into work. As an English major, I’ve noticed this trend. The time I had previously allotted in my life for pleasure reading has greatly shrunk. So has time for writing. It’s difficult to prioritize extra time for the activities when I spend the majority of my hours outside of class completing reading and writing assignments. And sometimes, my eyes just get tired.

This internship has reminded me why I thought writing was so much fun as a child. I always had a passion for it. Teachers did not have to ask me twice to enter a writing contest, and I often sought out more on my own. In college and the latter years of high school, that fervor waned. I was all wrote-out. I thought working on academic instead of creative writing would aid me more in my future career, mostly writing critical theory and research papers. In fact, I can only think of two fiction pieces that I’ve authored since coming to Stetson.

But there’s good news! My internship with the Creative Arts department has been a chance to explore my creativity once again. Though the work is still in the non-fiction realm, I’ve been given the freedom to explore different structural styles and perspectives. I’ve found myself writing more in my spare time, just for fun once again. I’ve been reminded of an integral part of myself, and for that, I’m grateful.