Green, White & YOU is a program designed for teaching annual giving to students and how to stay connected with their university as a student but also after they graduate. The organization is comprised of fun, dedicated, philanthropic-spirited students who absolutely love Stetson. They work together to educate and engage their fellow students in activities and events that highlight Stetson as a philanthropic cause worthy of the investment of their time, talent, and treasure. Green, White & YOU wants to show Stetson students that their amazing experiences at the university are in large part thanks to the dedication and support of parents, friends, and alumni. Green, White & YOU aims to develop a culture of philanthropy and a culture of gratitude and engagement among the Stetson student body.


Foster a spirit of philanthropy and culture of engagement among students, alumni, and donors of Stetson University.

What We Do

As a member of GW&YOU, you will organize events, campaigns, and other efforts throughout the year that help celebrate philanthropy at Stetson University and you will help educate other students about the importance of giving back and staying engaged with your university. Green, White & YOU fosters a lasting awareness of and appreciation for philanthropy, helping you build your skills as better communicators, fundraisers, and leaders. Members are given mentorship opportunities along with opportunities to begin building their network with Stetson alumni.

Our Culture

GW&YOU is a student-run organization guided by a coach-adviser. Students who join GW&YOU already express strong enthusiasm for Stetson and the GW&YOU mission. They are campus leaders with a variety of interests. They see the big picture. Through GW&YOU, they desire to expand their abilities, contribute their talents, gain practical experience and produce tangible outcomes. They also realize the benefits of networking with alumni and donors – for themselves and for Stetson.


We bring valuable content to students centered on the concepts of giving, donor impact, and appreciation of this on your Stetson experience.


Throughout the year, we put on fun, interactive, events which brings to students greater awareness of the informative content we provide.


We connect students with each other as well as alumni and donors. Students realize how they are the next generation who will continue Stetson's philanthropic traditions.

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