Visit the Human Library on Friday 2/15!

At the Human Library event, people are able to check out “books” that are students, staff and faculty all willing to share stories about significant moments in their lives or stories about their identity and what that means to them.

The Library consists of Human “books” who volunteer to tell stories about themselves to a variety of “readers.” Like a regular library, the Human Library has a catalog of books waiting to be checked out. A reader (person who attends the library) can check out “books” on a topic that he or she may be interested in learning more about.

For example, you can check out various titles, such as “Child of a Policeman,” “Greek Life member,” “Athlete,” “Black Lives Matter supporter,” “Transgender,” or “Buddhist” and learn more about that person, their life and the challenges and stereotypes that they have overcome.

The 3rd Annual Human Library will be held on Friday, February 15th from 11 AM to 2 PM.