Databases: Aquatic Biology

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    Description: 1969-Present. For indexing and abstracting prior to 1969, please see a librarian. Comprehensive coverage and context-sensitive indexing of all life sciences topics (botany, microbiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, evolutionary ecology, etc.). More than 4,000 serials are indexed each year from all countries, with more than 370,000 new citations each year. 90% of new citations include an abstract by the author. BIOSIS indexing, MESH disease terminology, and CAS Registry Numbers all help electronic BA users find the most relevant records efficiently. There are a limited number of links to full text articles in approximately 400 journals to which the library subscribes through other subscriptions. A Full Text button will appear with those citations.

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    Description: The MCAT Practice Tests are part of the Testing & Education Reference Center - a one-stop online reference providing access to information on approximately 4,000 accredited schools, as well as specialty education courses, and career programs. You can narrow your choices by school name, location, tuition, major, average G.P.A. of incoming freshmen, religious affiliation, and other criteria. It also includes information on financial aid, scholarships, individualized practice tests such as the LSAT, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, etc., and study preparation eBooks for many exams. The practice exams let you work through tests at your own pace and learn immediately what areas will require further study. Besides the standard college/graduate school entrance exams, there are also full length practice tests and study preparation eBooks, in a PDF format, for civil service/licensing exams, military entrance exams, the G.E.D and more.

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