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  • by Ebrary

    Type: Full-Text

    Description: The Ebrary book collection contains more than 42,000 full-text books on a wide variety of topics. The reader allows you to read entire books, or chapters, or any section of the book that you retrieve with a search. Special features include the ability to highlight, post notes, create your own bookshelf, and save a variety of citation formats.

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  • by EBSCO

    Type: Full-Text

    Description: PsycBOOKS, from the American Psychological Association (APA), is a database of nearly 14,000 chapters in PDF from more than 800 books published by APA and other distinguished publishers. The database includes most scholarly titles published by APA from copyright years 1953 - 2005. It also includes 100+ out-of-print books, an additional 200+ classic books of landmark historical impact in psychology, and the exclusive electronic release of more than 1,500 authored entries from the APA/Oxford University Press Encyclopedia of Psychology. PsycBOOKS is indexed with controlled vocabulary from APA's Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms.

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