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  • by American Institute of Physics

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    Description: The American Institute of Physics offers the SPIN (Searchable Physics Information Notices) database which includes bibliographic records and abstracts for more than 1.5 million articles from major physical science journals, magazines, and conference proceedings published by the American Institute of Physics, its member societies, and other affiliated organizations, as well as the full-text of five physics journals to which Stetson subscribes (see below). Choose the radio button BOTH if you want to search Scitation and SPIN together. NOTE: For most items in these databases, only the abstract is available for free even though you will see a PDF and full-text link. Full-text PDF articles are available only for the five AIP journals to which Stetson subscribes:

    • American Journal of Physics
    • Journal of Applied Physics
    • Physical Review Letters
    • Physics Teacher
    • Reviews of Modern Physics
    See: for a comprehensive list of publications hosted on Scitation and indexed in the SPIN database. For a detailed description of the databases see:

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