slow down, relax, destress

DeStress Fest – Mon., Dec. 6

Relax, study, and destress before finals.  DeStress Fest will take place on Monday, December 6 on the main floor of the library, with a range of activities from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Some scheduled activities include:

Color, Create & Cheer
Puzzles (10am to 10pm)
Coloring (10am to 5pm)
Notes of Encouragement (10am to 6pm)
Collage with Chad Serhal (11 am to 2 pm)

Counter Programming
Relaxing video content on library screens
Wii Games (12pm to 2pm / 7pm to 9pm)

Treat Yourself!
Goody bags – at HFSSC front desk (2nd floor) (10am to 4pm)
Snack Time – snacks giveaway (2pm & 4 pm)  
What’s Poppin’? (3pm to 4pm)
  –  Bubble wrap popping
  –  Popcorn giveaway

Finals Countdown in the Writing Center (6pm to10pm)
Meet with a Writing Center Tutor