Week 10: 11/6 – 11/10

For this week, I was working automating the process of transforming the csv file into a tsv using:

frame.to_csv("decoder.tsv", sep='\t')

I kept running into the issue where the tsv file I get back keeps adding a numbered column on the left in addition to the left of the values column like so:

I’ve played around with different ways of transforming this csv file without the added columns, and I hate that I spent quite some time trying to figure a way around this when the solution was simply this:

frame.to_csv("decoder.tsv", sep='\t', index=False)

Adding index=False, per the documentation, would remove the row names. I wasn’t able to work on much more for this week because I’ve been sick, but we can finally get a csv file into the format needed for the BiMPM and next week, I can start using the Sentence Match Decoder on this file! Yay!