Week Thirteen

This week I finished writing the code for PageRank. I will be given a matrix of nodes and I will be able to find the correlation between the news articles. We also worked on running our project as a whole this week. It does not work perfectly yet, but I am sure it will be soon. We will now be going into winter break trying to make our program faster and more reliable. We also plan to create a GUI for the project.

To summarize our project, it will detect fake news by assessing how strongly assertions in a news story agree or disagree with other news stories. True news stories should support each other while fake ones should not support each other as well. The real and fake stories should disagree with each other.

I think this will be my last update for the semester. Finals are this week so I will need to spend my time studying and writing papers. I will try my best to continue working over the break, and I will keep you updated if anything happens.