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Week 34

This week there was no specific task. I experienced some trouble last week with connecting the front end of our graphical user interface, which was created using Java, to the back end, which is most (if not all) Python. So, this week, I did some research on connecting code from different languages to one other. I also attempted to create a more visually appealing graphical user interface by experiencing with 3-dimensional components.

For instance, instead of having circles pop up on the screen indicating entailing and contradicting sentences, we could possibly have spheres that rotate/spin. And, as the sphere rotates, you can click on different parts of the sphere to look at the specifics of different sentences in that appear in that particular article.

Week 32

This week my group and I spent our time finalizing creating a model and graphical user interface that we can use to demonstrate our progress at Stetson University’s research Showcase next week.

Week 31

My task: locating small article dataset for testing at Showcase (continued…)

This week, I focused on articles that are about the same topic yet may contain information that contradicts each other. For example,


163,000 Jobs Added In July; Unemployment Rate Rose To 8.3 Percent – August 3, 2012


Jobless rate rises to 8.3 percent, hiring picks up but still falling short – August 3, 2012


US economy’s job engine revved up in July – August 3, 2012


U.S. hiring picks up but not enough to sideline Fed – August 3, 2012