Faculty Research

Publications listed below are limited to the most recent four years (2015-2019). The mark “**” indicates publications with undergraduate students.

Dr. Joshua Eckroth (homepage)

  • J. Eckroth, E. Schoen. “A Genetic Algorithm for Finding a Small and Diverse Set of Recent News Stories on a Given Subject: How We Generate AAAI’s AI-Alert.” Thirty-First Annual Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence (IAAI-19), In Press.
  • J. Eckroth. AI Blueprints: How to build and deploy AI business projects, Packt Publishing, December 2018. 250 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1788992879 (Amazon)
  • J. Eckroth, **R. Anderson. “Tarot: A Course Advising System for the Future.” Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges 34(3), pp. 108-116, 2018 (ACM)
  • J. Eckroth. “A Course on Big Data Analytics.” Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 118(1), pp. 166-176, 2018 (ScienceDirect)
  • J. Eckroth. “Teaching cybersecurity and Python programming in a 5-day summer camp.” Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges 33(6), pp. 29-39, 2018 (ACM DL)
  • J. Eckroth. “Model AI Assignments 2018: Biductive computing: Several variants of a universal paradigm.” Proceedings of the Thirty-Second AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2018 (Link)
  • Two articles in AI Matters 3(4) Winter 2018 (pp. 21-22 PDF, pp. 25-26 PDF)
  • J. Eckroth. Advanced Artificial Intelligence Projects with Python [Video]. Packt Publishing, March 2018. 2 hours. ISBN-13: 978-1788832403 (Packt)
  • J. Eckroth. Python Artificial Intelligence Projects for Beginners [Video]. Packt Publishing, December 2017. 2 hours. ISBN-13: 978-1788394345 (Packt)
  • J. Eckroth. “Teaching Future Big Data Analysts: Curriculum and Experience Report.” 7th IEEE NSF/TCPP Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Computing Education (EduPar-17), pp. 346-351, 2017 (IEEE)
  • R. G. Smith and J. Eckroth. “Building AI Applications: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.” AI Magazine 38(1), pp. 6-22, 2017 (AAAI)
  • J. Eckroth. “Model AI Assignments 2017: Git Planner.” Proceedings of the Thirty-First AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2017 (Link)
  • J. Eckroth. “Model AI Assignments 2017: Organic Pathfinding.” Proceedings of the Thirty-First AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2017 (Link)
  • J. Eckroth. “Teaching Big Data with a Virtual Cluster.” Proceedings of the 47th ACM Technical Symposium on Computing Science Education (SIGCSE), pp. 175–180, 2016 (ACM DL)
  • J. Eckroth. “Iterated Abduction.” FLAIRS-29, pp. 32-37, 2016 (AAAI)
  • J. Eckroth. “Foundations of a Cross-Disciplinary Pedagogy for Big Data.” Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges 31(3), pp. 110–118, 2015 (ACM DL)

Dr. Hala ElAarag (homepage)

  • **Bailey Granam and Hala ElAarag, “Utilization of Fuzzy Logic in CPU Scheduling in Various Computing Environments”,Proceedings of the 2019 ACM Southeast conference, Kennesaw, GA, April 18-20, 2019 (ACM DL) 
  • **Ryan Anderson, **Juan Toledo and Hala ElAarag, “Feasibility Study on the Utilization of Microsoft HoloLens to Increase Driving Conditions Awareness”, Proceedings of IEEE SoutheastCon 2019, Huntsville, AL, April 11-14, 2019
  • **Christian Micklisch, **Nathan Hilliard and Hala ElAarag, “Modeling and Simulation of Scalable Flocking with Fully Autonomous Quadrotors”, Conference Proceedings of the 2018 International Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems, July 9-12, 2018, Bordeaux, France (ACM DL)
  • **O. Zheng and Hala ElAarag, Simultaneous Localization And Mapping Using UAVs   Equipped With Inexpensive Sensors, Proceedings of Communication and Networking Simulation Symposium, SCS Spring Simulation Multi-conference, Baltimore MD, April 15-18, 2018  (ACM DL)
  • **C. Micklisch, **N. Hilliard, Hala ElAarag, “Modeling and Simulation of Fully Autonomous Quadrotors” Proceedings of Communication and Networking Symposium (CNS’18), International Society of Modeling and Simulation 2018 Spring Simulation Multiconference, Baltimore, MD, April 15-18, 2018 (ACM DL)
  • **R. Pagan and H. ElAarag, “Diabetic Assistant Tool “, proceedings of the annual ACM Southeast conference, Richmond, KY, March 29-31, 2018 (ACM DL)
  • H. ElAarag, “Deeper Learning in Computer Science Education Using Raspberry Pi”, Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges 33(2), December 2017 (ACM DL)
  • **J. Hell, ** M. Clay and H. ElAarag, “Hierarchical Dungeon Procedural Generation and Optimal Path Finding Based on User Input”, Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges 33(1), October 2017 (ACM DL)
  • **N. Hilliard, **J. Salis and H. ElAarag, “Algorithms For Procedural Dungeon Generation”, Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges 33(1), October 2017 (ACM DL)
  • **A. Roles, H. ElAarag. “Coexistence with malicious and selfish nodes in wireless ad hoc networks: A Bayesian game approach.” Journal of Algorithms & Computational Technology, 2017 (SAGE)
  • **J. Ridgewell, H. ElAarag. “Network-coded internet-friendly transport protocol.” Journal of Algorithms & Computational Technology, 2017 (SAGE)
  • **J. Ridgewell, H. ElAarag. “NCTCP: A network coded TCP protocol.” Proceedings of the 19th Communications & Networking Simulation Symposium (CNS), 2016 (ACM DL)
  • **J. Cossu, H. ElAarag. “Malware detection inspired by the human immune system and making use of honeytokens.” Proceedings of the 18th Communications & Networking Simulation Symposium (CNS), pp. 37-43, 2015 (ACM DL)
  • **H. Neal, H. ElAarag. “A Reliable Covert Communication Scheme Based on VoIP Steganography.” Transactions on Data Hiding and Multimedia Security, pp. 55-68, 2015 (Springer)

Dr. Basar Koc (homepage)

  • Koc, B., Arnavut, Z., Sarkar, D., Kocak, H., “Energy-aware transfer of compressed data on MSP432 family of microcontrollers,” 16th International Conference on Clean Energy (ICCE), 2018 (PDF)
  • Koc, B., Arnavut, Z., Sarkar, D., Kocak, H., “Splitting Bits for Lossless Compression of Microarray Images,” 14th International Conference on Smart Cities: Improving Quality of Life Using ICT & IoT, 2017 (IEEE)
  • Arnavut, Z., Arnavut, M., Koc, B., Kocak, H., “Investigation of Row and Column Permutations for Lossless Compression of Images,” High-capacity Optical Networks and Enabling Technologies (HONET-ICT), 2016 (IEEE)
  • Koc, B., Sarkar, D., Kocak, H., Arnavut, Z., “A study of power consumption on MSP432 family of microcontrollers for lossless data compression,” High-Capacity Optical Networks and Enabling/Emerging Technologies (HONET), pp. 1-5, Dec. 21-23, 2015 (IEEE)
  • Preston, C., Arnavut, Z., Koc, B., “Lossless compression of medical images using Burrows-Wheeler transformation with inversion coder,” Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2015 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE, pp.2956-2959, Aug. 25-29, 2015 (IEEE)
  • Koc, B., Arnavut, Z., Kocak, H., “The pseudo-distance technique for parallel lossless compression of color-mapped images,” Computers and Electrical Engineering (CAEE) Journal, Elsevier, Mar.14, 2015 (ScienceDirect)

Dr. Daniel Plante

  • A. Tavakoli and D. Plante.  “Solving Boundary Value Problems by Genetic Algorithm.” U.P.B. Sci. Bull., Series A, Volume 78 (4) pp. 143-154, 2016
  • D. R. Plante, M. Branton, and G. Oliphant. “Introducing Entrepreneurship into an Undergraduate Software Development Course.” Business Education & Accreditation, Volume 8 (2) pp. 79-86, 2016
  • D. R. Plante and B. Penney. “Teaching Security to Undergraduates as a Faculty- Administration Collaborative Endeavor.” Proceedings of the Information Systems Education Conference, 2015
  • **J. Salis and D. R. Plante. “Cloudflock: A Framework for Cross-Platform Aggregation of Cloud-Based Performance Metrics.” Proceedings of the Twenty Eighth International Conference on Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering, pp. 133-138, 2015
  • A. Chan, W. Chung, D. Plante. “Panel Discussion: How Should Computing Educators Respond to Changes in Higher Education?” Proceedings of the NSF Workshop on Curricular Development for Computing in Context (CIC), 2015 (ACM DL)
  • D. R. Plante. “Computing in Context: Teaching Intelligence and Security Informatics in Computer Science Courses.” Proceedings of the 2015 NSF Workshop on Curricular Development for Computing in Context, 2015
  • W. Chung, A. Chan, D. Plante, R. Villalobos, J. Woodside. “Intelligence and security informatics: Developing curricular modules in context.” Proceedings of the 45th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, pp. 708-709, 2014 (ACM DL)

Dr. Tom Vogel

  • T. Vogel and D. Kaup. “An Intermediate Longwave Equation: A Generalization of the Benjamin-Ono Equation.” Proceedings of the Tenth IMACS International Conference on Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Wave Phenomena: Computation and Theory (March 2017) (Link)
  • T. Vogel and D. Kaup. “Internally Driven Oceanic Surface Waves.” Proceedings of the Ninth IMACS International Conference on Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Wave Phenomena: Computation and Theory (April 2015) (PDF)
  • T. Vogel and R. Choudhury. “Establishing the Onset, and Parameter and Spatial Domains, of Chaos in a Smooth Quadratic Autonomous System Using Sil’nikov Criteria and Competitive Modes Analysis. Discontinuity, Nonlinearity, and Complexity 1, pp. 1-19, 2014