Fifth Jehovah's Witness still in police custody


Moskva24, 27 November 2020


In Moscow, a court placed under house arrest three leaders of the Jehovah's Witnesses organization, which is considered extremist in Russia. Yet another defendant in the case had his term of detention extended.


Thus, the court refused to grant the petition of the investigator for selecting measures of restriction in the form of detention in custody for Yu.E. Chernyshev, V.V. Komarov, and I.S. Chaikovsky, who are charged under the article "Arranging the activity of an extremist organization."


For all three, the measure of restriction chosen is house arrest for a term until 23 January. With respect to yet another defendant in the case, V.P. Zakarian, who is charged under the article "Persuasion or recruitment or other involvement of a person in the activity of an extremist organization," the period of detention was extended by 72 hours.


It was previously reported that personnel of the Investigative Committee of Russia (S.K.R.) arrested organizers and members of the Russian center of the extremist organization of Jehovah's Witnesses that is forbidden in the R.F. Subsequently the investigation showed a video from searches.


It was noted that the court had refused to detain in custody the first of four arrested leaders of the center, Sergei Shatalov. The man is charged on the article "Arranging the activity of an extremist organization." The measure of restriction in the form of house arrest also was selected for him. (tr. by PDS, posted 27 November 2020)

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