Russian president repeats his objection to hurting believers' feelings


Credo.Press, 17 December 2020


"In our country, nobody is allowed to make offensive attacks upon one confession or another. This would destroy the country from within and I ask everybody not to do this," Vladimir Putin declared at his big press conference on 17 December, responding to a RT correspondent's question about terrorism and caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. The journalist asked him to point out the line "between freedom of speech and offending believers."


On this matter the Russian leader declared: "Your freedom ends where another person's freedom begins. That is axiomatic. Anyone who acts thoughtlessly and hurts the feelings of believers should always remember that this will have some kind of reaction in response. But this reaction should not be aggressive. The reaction should not be aimed at taking human life."


Nevertheless, it is widely known that state news media in Russia and the authorities allow the spread of offensive attacks upon Jehovah's Witnesses (their legal entities in the Russian Federation were ruled to be extremist and liquidated in 2017), some Muslim communities, and protestant and "alternative" Orthodox churches. (tr. by PDS, posted 17 December 2020)

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