Authorities are dealing with both religious and political dissidents


Credo.Press, 25 January 2021


Father Sergius (Romanov) was moved from SIZO No. 1, "Matrosskaia Tishina," to SIZO No. 4 of the city of Moscow. This was written on 25 January on his Telegram channel by Aleksei Melnikov, a rights advocate and secretary of the Public Monitoring Commission of Moscow.


The reason for the transfer is connected with the fact that SIZO No. 4 is designated for former personnel of law enforcement agencies; Father Sergius worked for the police in the time of the U.S.S.R. Besides, in Matrosskaia Tishina ["Sailors' Silence"] Fr Sergius was located in immediate proximity to "Political Prisoner No. 1" in contemporary Russia, Aleksei Navalny.


As recalls, this is now the second transfer of the schema monk in less than a month (he was arrested on 29 December). Originally, after the decision of the Basman court of Moscow selecting for him a measure of restriction, he was sent to SIZO No. 7, where he declared a hunger strike. After a visit by members of the Public Monitoring Commission, it was learned that the command of the Federal Penitentiary Service permitted Fr Sergius to remain in his ecclesiastical clothing—a cassock and hood.


After the former schehegumen quit his hunger strike, he was moved to Matrosskaia Tishina. (tr. by PDS, posted 25 January 2021)

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